How to get the User Change History Report from P2P administration


This article describes how to obtain the ‘User Change History’ report from the P2P Administration system.


Instruction: If the user does not have the access right to fetch the report, they need to contact their Company administrator to request the ‘User Change History’ report.


Steps: How to Retrieve the Report

The report can be downloaded by selecting the specific organization. Excel format is used for exporting the report.



1. Name:- The user can obtain the report by searching with the First Name or Last Name in the 'Name' search option.



2. Section:- The user can retrieve the records in Excel format by choosing the option below. 


3. The user can obtain a thorough perspective of the change history by selecting the information icon.


4. Change:- The user can obtain the record of add, amend, or remove records by using the "Change" filter.


5. Change date:-The user can search records from the chosen periods by using the ‘Change Date’ option.


6. Changed by:- The "Changed by" filter is used to retrieve the data for a specific person who makes the modifications.