Users Getting logged Out from PM Client


Sometimes user get kicked out from PM Client while using application with Internal Server Error in the PM client and screen return to log in page.


This can happen if ClientDocumentTemp directory is created under Client Folder on the webserver or this might happen if the Web Server is not able to store the sessions in the memory.

If ClientDocumentTemp is the reason then we have to change the path in web.config under Pm Client directory.

If Memory on webserver is issue then we need to change the session state from "InProc" to "StateServer" in web.config under PM Client directory.

If ClientDocumentTemp is issue:

  1. On WebServer go to Path ....\PM\Client and open web.config
  2. Search for key "PMClientDocDir"
  3. If the value of the tag is "...\Pm\Client\ClientDocumentTemp" then change it to "...\PM\ClientDocumentTemp"
  4. Save the changes.
  5. IISRESET is required.

Note: Path change is needed if Session State is "InProc".

If  The above is not the issue then:

  1. On WebServer go to Path ....\PM\Client and open web.config
  2. Search for "SessionState".
  3. Change the mode from "InProc" to "StateServer".
  4. On Windows Run type Services.msc
  5. Select the Service "ASP.NET State Service" and start it. Make startup type of the service as 'Automatic' to make sure that this service is always running.
  6. IISRESET is required.

NOTE the following points:

  1.  Note that "Client" from path is removed and temp folder will be created outside the "Client" Directory. 

  2. Note that ASP.NET State Service should be running if SessionState is in "StateServer" mode.

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