Invite my suppliers to send e-invoices using a free-of-charge service

With the Basware Portal campaign tool, you can invite your business partners to send invoices to your company. Campaigns are managed in the Campaigns view within the Network section. With this tool you can create two kinds of campaigns. In this article we present how to create an Email campaign with the Basware portal-tool. The other option is to create an Open campaign (link to an article coming up), an invitation link that can be shared with suppliers via different communication channels.

Create an Email campaign

Use these guidelines to invite your suppliers to either the Key-in or the PDF e-invoice service. Both services are free of charge for the supplier to use. Key-in is available for all Basware e-invoice receiving customers by default, while PDF e-invoice is an add-on service. 

This is how to proceed:


  • Log-in to Basware portal. (If you do not know your Log-in, please contact Basware Customer Support)
  • Navigate to – Network – Campaigns –Download - Email campaign. Here you can create an invitation Email and distribute it to your suppliers right away. Various language options available.
  • First: Label your Email Campaign to make it easier to track the campaign.
  • Next: Add the email addresses of the invitees. You can either:
    a) Import email addresses from a file, click Select Files and navigate to the file in the file explorer. 
    b) Add email addresses manually, click Add and type or paste the email addresses in the fields.
  • Next: Select the service from the list and click Next. In this sample campaign we have chosen to invite suppliers to the PDF e-invoice service. The way of inviting is the same for all services. It is possible to invite only to one service at a time.
  • Next: Select an email template and choose a campaign language. The email contents are standardized and can't be edited. But  a logo and a document can be attached to the invitation. It is recommended to attach a supplier kit. Preview the template by pressing the “Preview Template” button, or send a test invitation to a
    specific email address.          










  • The last step is to: Review the Campaign details to ensure that all the details are correct, press Start Campaign and the invitation will be sent.
  • Your suppliers can use the invitation to register to the service and can start e-invoice sending after registration.

More information about the Campaign Manager can be found from the Support section. (Support - Online Help - Managing Your Network - Managing Campaigns.)