BT SSL Certificates will be renewed on March 2023

Dear Customer,

We inform you about an upcoming service maintenance break on your Basware Network service. Please forward this message to your IT department for their review and possible actions.


Maintenance Summary

We would like to notify you of an upcoming service maintenance activity in relation to our Basware Network BT Service. SSL Certificate of Basware BT (Business Transactions) service is expiring on March 27, 2023, and we have scheduled a maintenance activity to renew it. Certificate renewal in most cases doesn't require any actions on your end. However, please review the information and see whether any actions are required from your end or not.


Possible actions required / impact

Please note, that in majority of the cases, no actions are required on your side. However, Basware does not have a direct visibility to your environment which is why it’s mandatory for you to evaluate whether actions are required or not. Additionally, a copy of the certificates will be made available in advance in the coming weeks.


There are four certificates being renewed, please find the details below.

Production Environment


Used for

Your environment connects to either to POST business documents or FETCH business documents.

Basware connects to your environment and delivers business documents to you via SFTP/HTTPS Post.

Your environment connects to for sending business documents using  AS2 or OFTP Protocols.

Test Environment


Used for

Your environment connects to either to POST business documents or FETCH business documents.



Certificate renewal schedule


Test Environment

Production Environment

Update Starts

March 04, 2023 07:00 UTC

March 11, 2023 07:00 UTC

Update Ends

March 04, 2023 09:00 UTC

March 11, 2023 09:00 UTC


Supplementary Support

If there are any further inquiries please contact Basware Support by filing a standard case through the link in reference to this Planned Service Maintenance: BWPB0046207.


Best Regards,
Basware Production