The recipient's address is missing or incorrect

What is the issue?

You have received an email with a rejection message regarding one of your sent documents.

The rejection message contains the error:

  • The recipient's address is missing or the address on the invoice is incorrect. The recipient's name, street name, city and postal code should be printed on the document.
  • L'adresse du destinataire est manquante ou l'adresse sur la facture est incorrecte. Le nom du destinataire, la rue, la ville et le code postal doivent être imprimés sur le document.
  • Die Adresse des Rechnungsempfängers fehlt oder ist nicht korrekt. Bitte achten Sie darauf den Namen, die Strasse, die Postleitzahl und den Ort mit anzugeben.
Check this:

The recipient's address (or buyer address) refers to the postal address your document is being sent to. It can also be the payer address and may be the same as the shipping/delivery address of your sold goods/services.
Please check if the address of your buyer is present in the document. The following information is required:

  • Name
  • Postal Code
  • City

For some customers, the Street is also mandatory.

There can be specific requirements depending on your customer which are contained in a supplier information kit. This kit is a guide that tells you everything you need to take into account when you send PDF invoices electronically to your customer and it has been sent to you together with the registration link.

To view your customer's supplier information kit, please check the instructions in this article.


If you have detected errors or missing information in the address printed on your document, please correct/recreate the invoice and resend the correct version to our system.

If you have found the printed address to be correct as per general and specific requirements, please create a case for Basware Support in order for us to be able to assist.