Improving Invoice Readability for PDF documents sent to Scan and Capture

Improving Invoice Readability

Scanned Invoices in PDF format generally contain an image, much like a TIF/JPG. These images are converted by Scan & Capture into text before reading. The success of that conversion can depend on many factors such as the image resolution, the fonts used, scanner quality, and even the paper quality. All images embedded within a PDF file should be a minimum of 300dpi.

A preferred format of PDF will contain text rather than an image. If PDF’s are being generated from an existing computer system then it should be possible to create the PDF’s to contain the document text rather than an image representation of the document. This will enable the content to be read with improved accuracy.

How to check if the PDF file contains text or an image:

  • Open the invoice you created.
  • Select one or more lines of invoice data using you mouse.
  • Copy the invoice data to the clipboard.
  • Paste the invoice data into a word processing software, for example, Notepad, TextEdit, or WordPad.

If you cannot select the text, then the PDF content is most likely as an image.

If you can paste the text into a new document, then you know it is not an image.

If the pasted text appears jumbled or contains strange characters, try using a different font and create the invoice again as the software generating the PDF has failed to correctly embed the font information (this most frequently occurs with ‘Identity-H’ fonts).

How to Create A PDF?

The preferred tool to create them is Adobe Acrobat Pro but unfortunately is not a free source software and required to acquire a business license for it.

But there are several free PDF tools available online that you can use to produce PDF invoices: -

Disclaimer: The following list of tools is provided as an example only, and solely for informational purposes. It is not meant to function as an endorsement for the products that the companies in question provide. Basware Corporation has no control over the development and distribution of any of the software products listed herein. Therefore, Basware Corporation assumes no responsibility or liability for any incidental or consequential damages caused by installing and using any of the software products listed herein.

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Save as PDF
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Why can I not see the word SECURED next to the filename in a PDF file?

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