IP - How To Increase log level (IP 5.1.x)


How to increase log level in IP applications in IP 5.1.x


In some reasons, you might need to get more logging from the Basware IP applications, or be requested by Basware Service desk to send detailed logs. This is done by changing a parameter from IP Admin.
The parameter has 4 values:

0 - No logging.
1 - Basic logging, logs application starting and closing (login procedure in more detail), Log header and all errors.
2 - Extensive, in addition logs all SQL statements, all parameters, when entering a function and exiting a function, detailed logging of all component executions (Matching Client, AnyErp, BRM, Rowdatalist, etc.). BRM and  rowdatalist components write xml data to separate file on disk.
3 - Full, same as ‘extensive logging’ and in addition logs more detailed steps within functions.

Please note that setting the log level parameter to 2 or 3 might affect the performance of the applications, so this should only be done in certain troubleshooting scenarios. The log level should be turned down to 1 or 0 after fetching the necessary logs.

How to change log level parameter:

  1. Open IP Admin --> System administration --> Configuration --> Parameters
  2. Press Add
  3. Find the parameter LOGLEVEL in the drop down list
  4. Change the value to the desired value, ex. 3 for high logging in case very detailed logs are needed.
  5. Press Save

Please note that you need to restart the application in order to get the new log level. After the necessary checks have been done, turn back the log level to 1 or 0

The generated logs can be found on the users %temp% folder (local or citrix profile, depending on setup), and is called BaswareIPApplicationName.log
ex. BaswareIPMaster.log for Master log file

  • Send the log file to Basware Service Desk if reporting a specific error message or if requested by Service desk in a reported incident.