Change of Java VM used by Basware Message or Download Manager


The existing Basware Message and Basware Download Manager installations are using Oracle Java 8.

Starting with January 2019 this will not receive public updates anymore.

This does not mean that Basware Message or Basware Download Manager will stop working from January 2019 but only that Oracle Java will stop receiving free security updates.

More information about this topic can be found here:

If you want to use a Java VM that will continue to be updated (freely) with security patches, then you'll have to install an alternative Java VM and configure Basware Message and/or Basware Download Manager to use it.


The current options are:

Configure Basware Message or Basware Download Manager to use the alternative Java VM.

Additional information:

Please note that for certain customers, although following the steps as described above, using Amazon Corretto (Java 8) has proven to not work.

In this case we are recommending to use Open JDK (Java 11).