Instructions regarding COVID-19


This article contains instructions regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Basware services. It contains link to Basware website summarizing our response to COVID-19 related questions. Additionally, this article contains instructions for contacting Customer Support regarding COVID-19 related questions and cases.


COVID-19 response from Basware

Our response regarding COVID-19 related matters can be found in COVID-19 Response from Basware. You can always find general up to date information in the mentioned location.


How to contact Basware regarding COVID-19

If you have an issue related to COVID-19 and Basware services, please log a support case here.

While you can reach us by creating a support case also with general questions regarding this matter, we ask that in order to ensure as smooth as possible business continuity, please consider logging a case only when you encounter technical issues with your Basware Services.

You can also contact our Customer Support through phone. More information about contacting us via phone can be found in Basware Customer Support Phone Lines.