SmartPDF AI Full Invoice content

What is changing with SmartPDF from June 2024?

We are currently in the process of developing the next generation of SmartPDF, which will include Full Invoice Content. This advancement will enable SmartPDF to capture both header and line-level data. Additionally, we will continue to enhance SmartPDF with other features to improve quality, simplify processes, and mitigate risks. 

We will start highlighting these new features in our promotional story immediately. Our teams are actively developing these capabilities, with the target of having line-level capture available by 2025.  


Why are we discussing the new features now?

We have deliberately chosen to launch early to the market. We aim to start discussing the benefits of the new features with our customers, helping them prepare for the next generation of SmartPDF. Additionally, we want to collect early feedback to ensure we develop a product that delivers the most value. 


Is this a new product?

No it is not, we are adding the line level and other features to the existing SmartPDF product, that uses self-validation UI. We are constantly developing the SmartPDF product further and adding new features to it. New implementations will have all available features at that time. 

What new features will the SmartPDF have by Q1 2025?

We are enhancing SmartPDF to cover all key functionalities, including full invoice content. When the next generation version is available, customers can make a Change request to get the line level capture as a feature within the product. 


Key upcoming features for the enhanced SmartPDF will include the following:  






I have SmartPDF and I want to add line level capture. What does this mean for me?

You can continue to use SmartPDF as it is. 



If you prefer not to include line levels in your SmartPDF, no action is required. You can continue to use SmartPDF as is. 


I have SmartPDF Custom, I have SmartPDF Line Level, what does this mean for me?

You can continue to use the managed services SmartPDF Custom and SmartPDF Line Level versions as they are. 

If you want to have SmartPDF with full invoice content & self-validation UI & the other new functionalities, you need to sign a new contract to get SmartPDF. 


Please note:

SmartPDF is a distinct product from the managed services SmartPDF Custom and SmartPDF Line Level.  

  • To transition, you'll need to engage with Basware sales, sign a new contract, and undergo a new configuration process.


  • Cost: A professional services fee will be charged. We may also need to revise pricing and the pricing model to facilitate your transition to subscription pricing.  


I use other Basware PDF solutions, what does this mean for me?

Basware recommends transitioning all PDF invoicing to SmartPDF. It's time to start considering migrating your PDF invoices to SmartPDF. With SmartPDF, we can automatically capture 90% of the invoices. For the remaining invoices, we recommend utilizing the self-validation tool.