Supplier Guide - Assigning Images Using CSV File in Product Manager


Assigning Images Using CSV Association File

This guide will take you through the steps to prepare your image association file, which will sync your images to your items and determine the order that they appear in. You will do this by creating a simple CSV file that lists the Supplier Item IDs alongside the associated file name. This will enhance the look of your content and give the buyer a better shopping experience.

What you will need before you start

Images – Ensure all your images are loaded into the media directory of Product Manager. This is described in the ‘How to add images to your content’ guide. Supported file formats –JPG


Image file names – A list of all your image names and the extension i.e. Logo.jpg N.B. Each image file must be uniquely named.


Content Loader – A list of the Supplier Item IDs, this represents the items your images will be associated with.

Step 1

The association file to be uploaded should be created using Excel and saved ready for upload as a CSV (comma delimited) file. Shown below is how to populate the file. TIP: You can associate up to ten images per item.

Please note: If the association file is uploaded with the same name as one already in the system then it will replace that one.

Step 2

The next step is to load this file into Product Manager. To do this simply navigate to the media upload page within Product Manager and select the upload media links button (highlighted below).


Next you will need to change the Upload Type from Content Loader generated to Media Links




You will then need to click the Select File button, browse to your saved CSV file and select the upload button. You will be presented with the status bar once the upload begins.

Step 3

To confirm your images have been successfully associated go to the items tab and select one of your items that you associated multiple images to Shown below is how your image will appear within the item detail page.