PM - Importing more than one catalog from the same supplier


Some suppliers would like to deliver more than one xml catalog to PM. For example, they may have different kinds of product categories in different catalogs.

Make sure:

This may cause some confusion, and if you do the standard procedure, then products from the first catalog will be removed when importing the second catalog.


You have to make sure that you're deleting the expired products of the supplier only during the first catalog import of the batch.

  1. In Catalog import image on the newly received Catalog, you have to show products that are in production but not included in any catalog.  
  2. Set All Actions As: Delete. Now all products that have expired will be deleted. Note that also all products received from all other catalogs on the same supplier, will be deleted.

  3. Show the new products and choose Add for those

  4. Show the products with differences and choose Replace or Update
  5. Finally click Approve All:
  6. In Catalog import image on the catalog #2, click 'Show products that are in production but not included in any catalog'
  7. 'Set all actions As' None for that one:

  8. Add all the other actions as you would normally, add for new products, replace for products with changes etc.

  9. Finally  choose Approve all.
    Note: If a supplier uses more than 2 catalogs, repeat steps 6 to 9 for all additional catalogs from the same supplier.

Additional Information:

If you only receive one of the catalogs at a time, then you must do the same procedure as above, only you import the new catalog #1 first, and then you re-import the products of the existing catalog #2 after this.