How to recertify for UK Public Sector DWP LVP Contract for suppliers

How to recertify for UK Public Sector DWP LVP Contract


These instructions are for UK Public Sector Suppliers wishing to certify or re-certify for the Department for Work and Pensions Low Value Provision contract.

All our Public sector Contracts can be found under the Contracts menu when you log in:



Once you enter this menu, you will see all the contracts available for you to apply for (please note that different contracts have different qualification criteria)

Locate the DWP LVP contract and select the icon below and this will open the contract qualification page:

On this page, please fill out all the mandatory criteria and click submit at the bottom of the page. If you are unsure of what the question is asking, tool tips are available on most of the questions under the icon.


As this particular contract is set to auto approve or reject based on your answers, you will get a notification on if you have been approved or rejected straight away from If you are approved, you will now have another icon on the contract for you to complete your offering.


Once you have selected the cog, then click the Create button on the top right:

Please now fill out all the questions, these will include multiple choice, single select and areas for you to type in. Those with a red Asterixis are mandatory though there may also be optional fields available if applicable.

Once all the fields are complete, click Submit at the bottom of the page. Once back on the Item Directory, then click Done.

Congratulations you have now completed the certification! Please note that this certification requires you to recertify every 12 months. You will be able to see your expiration date on the contracts screen:


If you have any queries regarding the questions in the qualification, please direct your query to the DWP LVP team by emailing or calling +44 1633 631 500.

If you have any queries on these steps or the qualification process in general, please contact the Basware Service Desk by either logging a case via the Public Form below and selecting the ‘I need help with the UK Marketplace’ under the How can we help? option or call 0845 6032885:

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