Purchase - How to - Update order task


This article will explain how to update order task after editing a purchase order (PO), which steps does the task require, how does the process differ when the user is the owner of the PO or a purchase admin and how the notifications work with this feature.

When user makes changes to a PO, they will need to update the order once they are done with the changes. Updating means selecting the Update in the user interface found in the upper right corner . The update function sends the updated version of the PO to the supplier.

In some cases if the changes have increased the PO total, new PO total maybe need to be approved before updating the order. When user has edited and changed the PO, there will be a task created about updating the order. The purpose of this task is to remind the user to finalize the PO changes by updating the order. 



Update order task process

When user edits a PO and saves the changes for the first time, an update task will be created.


In case the change made by the user has increased the PO total sum, an approval is required. The order can only be updated after the approval.


When the order is in approval, the user has the update task on their task list, but they can only handle the update task after the approval task has been completed.


Difference between PO owner and purchase admin when editing a PO

If the user who edits the PO is the owner and they have Manage my own purchase orders user right, the update task will be created for the PO owner. If the user who edits the PO is a purchase admin or professional buyer, the update task will be created, but the task will not have a designated recipient.


Email notifications

The update task will not create a new task email notification, but if the user has selected that they will receive daily summaries of their tasks, the update task will be included in the daily summary.


Additional Information:

Update task has been implemented, because it is important to update the order. The reasons this feature was implemented are:

The update task will be closed after the user updates the order. If the PO is cancelled, the task will be closed as well.