Service Catalog - New Changes

As a Basware customer, you now have access to an easy self-service option for requesting changes to your Basware solutions or other services from us.

Our Service Catalog, which you will find when you log into Basware’s Support Portal, aims to speed up the delivery of services and changes that are commonly requested, while also bringing greater transparency to the delivery process. When requesting through the catalog, you’ll receive visibility into the pre-requisites, deliverables, steps, and costs associated. You’ll also be able to easily track the progress of your request.

Have a look at this handy video to see how you can place a request.


Accessing the Service Catalog:

You can access the Service Catalog by following the Request a Service link from the Support Portal homepage or at all times in the header bar.

Requesting a service or change:

When you are ready to place a request, you’ll find a growing catalog of common service and change requests to order from. There are fewer steps to delivery when you request these standard items using the forms provided and doing so helps speed up the delivery process. The forms are available based on your Basware solution portfolio.

Once you have found the service or change request you need, open the request and review the descriptions provided. It is important to check that these meet your needs. If they do, fill in the details in the form, attach any necessary documents, and click “Order Now.” As you do this, you will also see a preview of the steps that take place after your order.

If you do not find what you need, you can order a Custom Change RequestWhen you do, you will be asked to provide: 

A good practice to keep in mind when ordering a Custom Change Request is to include the delivery or acceptance criteria for the change you are requesting. Providing us with as much information as possible will also help us handle your request promptly.


The customer portal enables approval during various stages of the CR lifecycle. The approval widget is visible on the request during Offer Approval, UAT and Final Sign-off. You must provide approval by clicking accept to proceed further with your request. The below screen demonstrates Offer Approval, similarly, UAT Approval and Final Sign-off widgets are visible during respective lifecycle stages.  

Tracking progress:

Once your request has been logged, you can track its progress via Request Overview where the full lifecycle of the request is also available. To do this, navigate to My items, which you will find in the header bar.

My items includes all your ongoing and closed requests. We split them into two categories: “Support cases and “Change requests. 

"Support cases" include all of your cases and incidents.