Why is my message not visible via the BaswareONE website?


This article provides you more detailed information, in order to locate the message.

Additional Information:

The BaswareONE-functionality 'Track and Trace', provides you an overview of all incoming-outgoing traffic for your company.

When the requested messages cannot be found by using this tool.
In case you cannot locate your message and before contacting the Basware Support, please take the following steps first:

  • Verify if the message have been correctly send/processed towards BaswareONE.
  • The message can be found back in the Track and Trace-tool, but is currently stuck in an error status.

For sending-issues, when you've confirmed that the message is correctly processed/send towards BaswareONE, you can contact the Basware Support and provide the following:

  • Confirmation that the message has been correctly processed/send (if possible provide some detailed proof, for example an MDN-message for AS2 connections, some logging which informs us that the message has been correctly transferred, etc...).
  • Exact date/time of the transfer.
  • Provide us an original file which was tried to send towards BaswareONE.
  • When using Bizconnect, check if any notification e-mails are received (check configured e-mailaddress) which explains the error reason.

 For receiving issues, when you remark that the message is currently stuck in error, please provide Basware Support the following needed information:

  • Lists of document-numbers/audit-numbers.
  • Which error-state are they in?

More detailed information of Translate errors/Accept errors/Store errors can be found on our Knowledge section.