P2P - IP - Error: 'Run-time error '20152': 401 Unauthorized'

What is the issue?

Run-time error '20152': 401 Unauthorized while using IP Application

Check this:

Check if the server http address is added under Local intranet in Internet Explorer


  • Please add the HTTP address of the basware server to the local intranet zone in the security settings of the Windows Internet Explorer of this user on her or his workstation, laptop or Citrix / Terminal server.
  • Internet Options > Security > Local Intranet > Sites > Advanced > Add
    • http://server-name. Where 'server-name' is the real server name or the IP address of this server. It might also be necessary to add the DNS suffix to the server name so that it's a full qualified name.
    • http://server-name.dns-suffix. Where dns-suffix is the real DNS suffix.
  • Please check which HTTP address is used in the link for starting the application (ThinClient) or in the configuration file (see parameter RootUrl in the "BaswareIP.ini" file) of the application.