Supplier Guide - Uploading or Updating Content into Product Manager


How to load your content into Product Manager.


There are several different file types you can load into the Content Upload screen in Product Manager:

Only the first 3 file types will be addressed in this guide as these are for loading items and price lists.

Accessing the upload screen:

Content upload:

NOTE: The Price List name in Product Manager will be the same as the file name of the xml content file. Please ensure the file name is meaningful to you and your colleagues. You cannot change the price list name once the price list has been created.

This will begin the upload process and you will see the progress bars appear.

Once the upload has completed you will be presented with the following status in a box with the success message, type of file loaded, name of file loaded and the time it completed.

If the upload fails, you will see the following status in a box with the error message.

This report will list out the errors from the upload File.