Insights dashboards: Invoice Origin Discovery

Summary: Invoice Origin Discovery dashboard visualizes invoice origin landscape with views into invoice volumes per invoice origins, which suppliers are using the preferred origins and how metrics and KPIs are affected by invoice origins.​ This dashboard offers a granular breakdown of invoice origins into e-invoice, PDF, Smart PDF, EDI, Scan and capture, Basware P2P etc. You can analyze suppliers based on either Basware’s standard E-invoice categorization. There is also the flexibility to define your own KPI to see the performance of other invoice origins​. The bottom part of the dashboard gives in-depth insights about suppliers. This includes an innovative supplier categorization based on how compliant they are in using e-invoices.


1. E-Invoice Rate

How it's calculated?

An invoice is flagged as e-invoice if the invoice origin data for the invoice indicates that it is received via any of the above mentioned invoice origins.

2. My Selection Rate

How it's calculated?

Percentage of all invoices that has the invoice origin as any of the selected ones in the filter out of all invoices processed.

3. Impact to Key Metrics

How it's calculated?

4. Supplier Categories:

How it's calculated?

This section includes all suppliers who has sent an invoice in the past 12 months. Supplier name is obtained from invoice data.

5. Supplier list

How it's calculated?

Supplier name is obtained from invoice data. All the invoices where supplier name matches a given supplier is summed to get the total number of invoices per supplier.

6. Invoice origin breakdown