What are Basware Scan and Capture Extracts?

Scan and Capture extracts are text files containing master data.  They assist with capturing invoice fields, and originate from Basware P2P (Alusta), Basware IP, InvoiceReady or a customer third party solution.   Extracts are sent to Scan and Capture using S/FTP.  

The data needs to be structured in a specific format to be used by Scan and Capture.  An example can be seen below. 


In Basware P2P systems we have standard scripts that generate extracts from the Basware database and send them to Scan and Capture on a daily basis.  This is set up when a Basware project is first delivered and for SaaS customers is maintained by Basware Production.  Customers with on-premise systems can contact Basware Support to assist with the extract routine.


There are various types of extract with the most common ones described below.

Company Extract

The company extract contains data for individual company units e.g. Company Name, VAT Number.  It also contains the e-invoice address used to deliver invoices to the correct location.  The company extract needs to be updated when a new company unit is added to the Scan and Capture service.

Supplier Extract

The supplier extract contains data for all suppliers e.g. Supplier Name, VAT Number.  The supplier extract is used to help capture the correct supplier details from the invoice.  This is achieved using different supplier identifiers including VAT number, Bank Account Number etc.

Order Extract

Order extracts contain Order Numbers and they help capture the Order Number from an invoice image.   An Order extract can also ensure that only expected Order Numbers are captured.