Onboarding FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q: What is a campaign?

A: A campaign refers to a landing page (URL) created for your company with information about e-invoice sending option(s) for suppliers. A campaign can also include invitation emails sent to your suppliers.

With the Basware Portal campaign tool, you can invite your business partners to send invoices to your company. Campaigns are managed in the Campaigns view within the Network section. With this tool you can create two kinds of campaigns, which are explained in more detail in the next answer.  


Q: Are there different types of campaigns available on the Basware Portal?

A: Yes, there are two ways of creating campaigns you can choose from:

  1. Open Campaign:
    • This generates a landing page and a generic link to that can be shared with suppliers via different communication channels.
    • The landing page provides information on the options and directs suppliers to start using the services.
    • The benefit of an Open campaign is that you can share the generic link anywhere.
    • Also, the invitation and reminder messages can be customized as much as needed and sent as standalone emails by using any emailing tool.
    • Related instructions:
  2. Email Campaign * Recommended when you are using Basware P2P solutions *
    • This generates a landing page and unique invitation links to each supplier invited.
    • The landing page provides information on the options and directs suppliers to start using the services.
    • Once the registration link is used, it cannot be forwarded to a 3rd party, which increases security.
    • You have the option to send the invitation to multiple recipients (import a csv file or paste multiple emails) as well as to add single recipient to the email.
    • The registration link is shared with the suppliers via the invitation that Basware Portal automatically sends. A customized invitation can be attached as well.
    • Up to 3 reminders are automatically sent to recipients. 
    • Related instructions:


Q: What are the benefits to my suppliers?

A: Benefits below:


Q: Why should I spend time on supplier enablement?

A: By informing your suppliers of your e-invoice receiving channels you are more likely to receive more e-invoices. With e-invoices you receive better quality data faster, which allows you to process the invoices smoother.


Q: How do I request an user account for Basware Portal?

A: If you already have an administrator account, you can already manage user accounts by clicking on your user name/My Organisation/More Actions/ Add User.

Otherwise please contact Basware Support Service.


Q: How can I add another user account to my organization in the Basware Portal?

A: Company administrator users can add new users to their organization through the My Organization page. The users that are added can access only the information and the business documents of the organization that they were added to, and all subsidiaries of that organization.

1. On the upper-right corner, click [Your Username] > My Organization.

2. Click the name of the organization that you want to add a new user to.

If your company is made up of a single organization, you are taken directly to the My Organization page without you having to click the name of an organization. If your company is made up of multiple organizations, each child organization is displayed on this page in alphabetical order.

3. Click More Actions > Add User. The Create New Account view opens.

4. Enter the new user's details.

Once you have selected and saved the username, it is not possible to change it later.

Use the Role radio button to set the user role:

  • End user: end users can see and work with the business documents that your company has received.
  • Company Administrator: in addition to working with business documents, company administrators can add new users and organizations under your company. Basware Network validates the contents of the fields and notifies you if the content of a field does not pass validation.

5. Click Save Changes.

After you click Save Changes, Basware Network sends an email to the new user. The email contains an activation link that the user can use to activate their account and set a password. They can start using the service once they have activated their account and set a strong password.

More information on how to find a user from your company, please consult the Basware Network user guide.


Q: How can I find out which suppliers are already connected to Basware Network?

A: Use the Basware Business Directory to find companies that are having sending and receiving capabilities.

  • Go to Basware portal
  • Navigate to: Network -> Business Directory -> type supplier name
  • Check that capability is Invoice: send


Q: How can I add new supplier to my Network in Basware Portal?

A: There are three ways in which new suppliers can be added to your company's network:

Please consult the Basware Network user guide for more details.


Q: How can I find a document in the Basware Portal?

A: When you log in to Basware Network, you see a list of all the business documents that your company has received, and that you have sent to your business partners. If you are looking for a specific document, you can use search to limit the number of search results.

1. Open the Documents page in Basware Network.

2. Enter the business document number in the Search or Advanced search field (left arrow).

3. Click Search. The business documents that match your query are displayed in the Search Results table.

4. To sort the results, click the Sort labels.

5. To view a business document, click the title of the business document in the Search Results table. The Business document page opens.

6. The service notifies you, typically within 7 to 14 days, if you have forgotten to open an invoice that you have received from your business partner.


Q: How can I end a campaign?

A: You can end a campaign before the campaign's original end date on the Network page.

1. On the Campaigns view, scroll down to the campaign you want to end.

2. Next to the campaign that you want to end, click End now to end the campaign.

NOTE: There is no feature for deleting a campaign.


Q: How can I restart an expired campaign?

A: You can restart an expired campaign by editing the start and end dates of the campaign. Manage open campaigns on the Network page.

1. On the Campaigns view, scroll down to the open campaign you want to restart.

2. Next to the campaign that you want to restart, click Edit.


3. Click the Start date and End date fields to set a new start and end date for the campaign.

4. Click Save to save your changes and restart the campaign.


Q: I don’t have the resources to concentrate on supplier enablement, can Basware help me do this?

A: Yes, we can. We have a team specialized in Supplier Enablement that can do this for you. Please contact your Account Manager for further information or log a case in our support portal.


Q: Where can I get support with other topics?

A: Basware Knowledge Base - is full of Articles regarding different e-Invoicing methods in different countries. Use the Search function on this page to find more helpful tips.