Basware will use the latest Peppol Post-Award artefacts (set of rules) from 26 February 2024 onwards


From 26 February 2024 onwards, a new set of rules will be implemented based on the last November 2023 Peppol Post-Award artefacts.


Although your IT department will most likely monitor Peppol artefacts information, you might consider informing them about this new set of rules.


Updates For Invoice and Credit Note

    1) There were 2 identical rules UBL-SR-04 and PEPPOL-EN16931-R006, PEPPOL-EN16931-R006 was removed.

       UBL-SR-04 is for below:
        Message: Invoice object identifier shall occur maximum once
        Context: /ubl:Invoice | /cn:CreditNote
        Test: (count(cac:AdditionalDocumentReference[cbc:DocumentTypeCode='130']/cbc:ID) <= 1)

    2) Rule UBL-SR-43 was for the attribute @scheme instead of @schemeID, now was changed

       UBL-SR-43 is for below:
        Message: Scheme identifier shall only be used for invoiced object (document type code with value 130 or 50)
        Context: cac:AdditionalDocumentReference
        New test: ((cbc:DocumentTypeCode='130') or 
                    ((local-name(/*) = 'CreditNote') and (cbc:DocumentTypeCode='50')) or 
                    (not(cbc:ID/@schemeID) and not(cbc:DocumentTypeCode)))
        Old test: ((cbc:DocumentTypeCode='130') or 
                      ((name(/*) = 'CreditNote') and (cbc:DocumentTypeCode='50')) or 
                  (not(cbc:ID/@scheme) and not(cbc:DocumentTypeCode)))
    3) A new EAS code (0218 schemeID identifier) has been added
    4) New currency codes were added: STN, VES, MRU and UYW
    5) Rule UBL-SR-51 has been changed
        UBL-SR-51 is for below:
        Message: An address can only have one-third line.
        New context: //cac:PostalAddress | //cac:Address
        Old context: //cac:PostalAddress | //cac:RegistrationAddress | cac:DeliveryAddress
        Test: not(cac:AddressLine) or count(cac:AddressLine) = 1

Updates For Orders 

    1) Added business terms for all Order Type Codes. 
        Renamed the element cbc:OrderTypeCode from "Consignement Order" to "Order Type" to avoid confusion. 
        Consignment Order is just one of several types. 

        Old rule: cbc:OrderTypeCode - indicates whether the order is a purchase order or consignement order. 
        New rule: cbc:OrderTypeCode - indicates whether the order is a Purchase order (tir01-153), Consignement order (tir01-p050), Blanket order (tir01-p051) or Call of order (tir01-p052).


    2) Added Order type code 105 (Purchase order) 
    3) Added Order type code 402 "Intermediate handling cross docking order" as synonyms for 220 (Order)
    4) New SchemeID added - 0218 Unified registration number (Latvia)