Basware Scan and Capture - Secured PDF Files


Basware Scan and Capture cannot process secured and read protected PDFs. If the PDF document does not meet the below mentioned settings, create the PDF again with suggested settings.




Read Protected with Password

These files will be automatically rejected. They will not be received by Scan & Capture service as there is nothing of worth that can be done with them.

Document Security Settings

Basware cannot process secured PDFs. Secured PDF does not only mean that it requires password to open the PDF. Basware also requires 'Content Copying' to be allowed for secure PDFs. Open the properties of PDF document and check the security settings. Below screenshots describe the correct security settings accepted by Basware: -

  1. There should not be password security enabled to read PDF document as below.
  2. Content copying should be allowed.
  3. PDF version should be 1.4 and above.