IP - How to install/update IP license file


You have received a new IP license and this needs to be installed in your environment.


The new license file is installed as follows. The license file has the extension .lic

  1. The file needs to be placed in the Control folder in the Basware root-folder of your application server.
  2. Remove the old license file from this folder, but don't delete it until you have checked that the new license file works. (Note that you can only have one file with the .lic extension in the control folder!)
  3. The license is activated by starting IP Admin. Also check that the new license contains the correct amount of licenses, if your have ordered this. This can be done from User Management - User Licenses, and check the count as displayed. (Please note that you need a license to the application in order to start it.)
  4. If the license file does not contain the correct amount of licenses, please contact Basware service desk.