BCN - BT Service Alerts - Delivery problem notifications (Toimitusongelmailmoitukset)

Whats is the issue?

You receive BT service alerts regarding delivery problem for your invoice(s).


After delivering/transferring the invoice to the receiving system, if BT receives a negative acknowledgement from the receiver system, the invoice status is changed to Delivery Problem. A BT service alert email is sent out to inform the sender about the rejection with the error message received from the receiver's system.


Most common reasons for invoice being rejected by the receiver are presented below:

Validation failed:

Validation of an XML document is technically ensuring that its contents matches the structural and content requirements. This means that the document is checked that it contains all the necessary data for it to be further processed successfully.

If an error in the content or a missing information is found during validation, the document is rejected and needs to be sent again with corrected details.

Receiver not found:

This error message means that the document was delivered to an e-invoice operator who did not recognize the receiver. Most likely the receiver has changed their operator and Basware's routing data has not been updated after that.

Please contact the receiver and ask them to provide you with their e-invoice address and the name of the operator. Send these details to Basware's support (Basware ServiceNow contact form) so that we can update the routing data.

After the routing data has been updated, you can resend the document.