TEM - Updating allowance data for year change 2021


Basware provides per diem allowance updates for selected countries. For SaaS customers, the regular* per diem updates are provided as part of the service, and for on-premise customers the approach varies. Please see the detailed information below.

Note: "regular" explained when each country is mentioned.

Also notice, 1) Norwegian overseas territory Bouvet Island is not any more included in the country list. 
2) Volgograd uses same time zone as Moscow.




The updates are performed by Basware as part of the service. It is recommended that the updates are checked afterwards by customer in order to ensure the update is successful. The country specific details are described below.


The regular update covers:

NOTE: Basware update does not cover the following less common vehicles, and they need to be added by customer as self-service.  

Motor boat more than 50 hp 1,11
Motor boat 50 hp or less  0,76
Snowmobile 1,06
All-terrain vehicle 0,99
Motorcycle 0,33
Moped 0,18
Other vehicle 0,1


Also, please check:


The regular update covers:


For customers paying more than the tax rate. the rate will be as it is in 2019 and you need to set it separately (Check the instruction C Swedish taxable mileage below).


The regular update covers:


For customers paying more than the tax rate: we will leave it as it is in 2019 and you need to request it separately.


 The regular update covers:

On-premise customers:

For Finnish customers we provide the data file to be imported as a self service (attached to this document).

If you want to order a billable update service from Basware, please contact Customer Support.

For non-Finnish customers, in all situations, please contact Customer Support.

Further guides:

A. Updating rates for Finland on-premise customers:

The regular update covers:

Instructions for updating the rates:


B. Checking mileage additions:

This guide describes how it can be assumed that the so called additional mileages related to vehicle usages have been correctly updated by the TEM support update file.



1 passenger 0,03
2 passengers* 0,06
3 passengers* 0,09
4 passengers* 0,12
Trailer 0,07
Caravan 0,11
Forest road 0,09
Heavy trailer 0,22
80 kg 0,03
Dog 0,03

NOTE: Naturally if these item are used as "2nd passenger", "3rd passenger" and "4th passenger" the sum is 0,03 euros per each.

If there are errors in these sums, please contact Customer Support.

C. Swedish taxable mileage:

By default, the update defines the taxable mileage for Private car as 3,30 SEK per kilometer. So please change this setting as according to your organization travel rule.