Supplier Guide - Creating a Price List in Product Manager



  1. In Product Manager You can create a Price List via Product Manager. To create a Price List or access existing ones, navigate to Product Manager and click ‘Price Lists’ in the menu bar



Alternatively, on the Product Manager Dashboard click the ‘View Price List’ button as shown below:

To create a Price List via the Product Manager user interface navigate to the Price List Directory and click the ‘Create’ button at the top right of the page. The Create Price List page will load.

Name, Currency and Description are mandatory fields.


1. Name: Name your Price List. It must be unique and will also be visible to your customer. Ensure this is relevant to them.
2. Type: Type of Price List you want to create:

    a. A Standard Price List is one that is published in the Basware marketplace for your      customers to buy from.

   b. A Punchout Price List is used to link your Punchout configuration (from a Punchout Item type) to a Punchout Agreement and allows your customer to access your sales order website from the Marketplace.
3. Reference: Is your own description of the Price List and will not be visible to your customer.
4. Currency: Select the currency that you provide your products/services in. To attach this Price List to an agreement it must match the currency requested by the buyer.
5. Start Date: When the products/services on the Price List are available to the customer.
6. Expiry Date: When the Price List will expire from an Agreement.
7. Territory: Set the geography that you offer your products/services in.
8. Description: Provide additional information about the Price List for the buyer.
9. Keywords: Add alternative phrases and words that can be used to search for your Price List in the Price List Directory