How can I add another user account to my organization in the Basware Portal?

Company administrator users can add users to their organization through the My Organization page. The users that are added can access only the information and the business documents of the organization that they were added to, and all subsidiaries of that organization.

1. On the upper-right corner, click [Your Username] > My Organization.

2.  If your company is made up of a single organization, you are taken directly to the My Organization page without you having to click the name of an organization. If your company is made up of multiple organizations, each child organization is displayed on this page in alphabetical order.

3.  Click More Actions > Add User. The Create New Account view opens.

4.  Use the Role radio button to set the user role:

Basware Network validates the contents of the fields and notifies you if the content of a field does not pass validation.

5.  Click Save Changes.

If you are not the company administrator, please contact Customer Support service.