AB Inbev Supplier portal FAQ


Frequently asked questions in AB Inbev Supplier portal.

Additional Information:

How can I change my email notification address?
→ Logon to the BaswareONE portal, go to “my account” and choose email notification address on the left. This address is used for all the notifications. Notifications are by default enabled.

How can I disable email notifications for invoice status, invoice proposal and payment status?
→ Please contact us by clicking on the "Contact Support" button displayed on the page‚Äč mentioning your username and the notifications you would like to disable.

Why haven’t we received a notification email?
→ Delivery by email cannot be guaranteed for 100%. Furthermore email messages can be regarded as spam unintentionally, please check you spam settings. Please make sure you have entered a valid email adress.

How can I …?
→ Please check out the demos on the main page. (https://www.baswareone.com/InBev)

I’ve lost my username or password, how can I retrieve it?
→ Please use the username/password retrieval link on the BaswareONE site. (https://www.baswareone.com/)

How can I remove messages from the Inbox?
→ Messages cannot be deleted. They can only be placed into the map “Treated”.

How can I add the transport cost?
→ Please add the transport costs to the comment line in the order confirmation. When AB InBev approves the costs, they will be added to the invoice proposal you’ll receive back.

How can I use the bank account number (IBAN/BIC) in “my profile”?
→ AB InBev will contact you for justification documents. After ABI approval you will be able to use the new Bank Account number for legal purposes.

We were expecting an order/invoice proposal/other message type, why didn’t we receive it?
→ Please contact AB InBev

I’ve made a mistake in a message that has been sent (wrong value/text in invoice for example).
→ Please contact AB InBev

What to do if the content of the PO on the BaswareONE portal is wrong?
→ Please send an order confirmation indicating which condition you cannot meet on the PO.

I can only change price, quantity and delivery date on the Order Confirmation. What can I do if something else differs or is missing?
→ You can leave a comment for each PO line mentioning all other conditions that need to be changed.

If I return a different condition on the Order Confirmation, will it be automatically accepted by ABI?
→ No, you have to receive an order modification with the correct data first, otherwise your invoice proposal might be wrong at the end. If you don’t get it before the delivery, please contact your AB Inbev requestor. You can find it on the purchase order.

What to do if I cannot deliver the ordered product?
→ Please send this information in the order confirmation comment field of the Purchase Order line. You can also put 0 into the Quantity field.

How can I indicate if extra costs will be charged in the invoice?
→ Please send this information in the comment field of the purchase order line.

What can I do if I receive an invoice proposal that does not match my invoice?
→ If your problem is related to the quantity or a missing article, please contact your AB Inbev requestor. You can find it on the Purchase Order. The requestor can modify the Purchase Order and then the system will send you a corrected invoice proposal.

→ If your problem is related to the (unit) price on the purchase order. Please contact your AB Inbev requestor, you can find on the Purchase Order.

By following these steps you will avoid delays with your future payment and possibly a long investigation process on pending invoices a couple of months later.

What should I do if I do not receive the invoice proposal for one of my purchase orders on time?

→ The invoice proposal will follow after the delivery confirmation of your purchase order. Please contact your AB Inbev requestor. You can find the contact details on the purchase order and ask for this confirmation. Once the requestor places the goods receipt in the system, you will receive the invoice proposal on the next day.

What is the extra workload I need to foresee due to this new way of working?
→ The supplier portal creates no extra workload, only a change in the way of working:

Invoice problem resolution via Customer Service is eliminated in this new process. An integrated solution can offer you savings in your operation. If you are interested in an upgrade to an integrated solution, please contact Basware via sales.benelux@basware.com, so our sales department can contact you. (https://www.basware.be)

My company has multiple bank account number, how can I ensure the payment will be transferred to the right one?
→ When you are creating an invoice proposal there is a drop down menu with your registered bank account numbers from AB InBev system. Please make sure that you choose the one that you’d like to use for the payment transfer. If you can not see the bank account number please send us your request for bank account number change one the Basware portal.

I have to enter a VAT number on the registration page, what’s this for?
→ A Vat number is the unique ’value added tax number’ of your company. It has a certain structure, please make sure it’s correctly filled in. In german VAT means ’Mehrwertsteuer’.

General contact information:
For questions regarding portal functionality or technical questions => please contact us by clicking on the "Contact Us" button displayed on the page

If you encounter an error or warning message please contact us by clicking on the "Contact Support" button displayed on the page and include a screenshot of the error. This will reduce the time needed to resolve your incident.

For business related questions, disputes, questions regarding the content of the message => please contact AB InBev