Is there a legal obligation to archive electronic invoices?


Yes, electronic invoices must be archived electronically.

Additional Information:

The Belgian law requires that you keep all official electronic invoices in electronic form for a legal period of 7 years (for VAT purposes) or 10 years (for accounting purposes). In case of a VAT inspection, you must be able to retrieve and present the invoices requested by your inspector. The only legally valid invoice is the electronic invoice. In other words, a printed version of the electronic invoice does not have any legal value.

It is therefore obligatory to store in electronic form the invoices you receive in your Bizmail ONEway account In this respect, Basware offers you the e-Archiving service, which gives you a storage capacity of 2 GB for archiving your electronic documents online, in accordance with legal requirements.

If you want to learn more about the legal aspects of electronic invoicing, please have a look at the information on the Basware e-Invoicing solution.