Configurable tenant specific timeout setting for invoice search

What is the issue?

In P2P version 22.12 there is a change in the existing functionality.
There is a new timeout tenant setting defined for maximum time (in seconds) for invoice search.

Invoice searches in AP Pro are limited to a maximum of 20 seconds. If searches take longer than this, the search is simply terminated. This is to protect system performance.

Some customers who constantly bump into this 20 second limit because their landing masses are large and landing searches are therefore slow. Because of this, there is now a new tenant level parameter that can increase this 20 second timeout limit. This can be lifted without permission up to a maximum of 40 seconds.
If the customer wishes to increase this to more than 40 seconds, then Basware Product Management needs to be consulted first. This ensures that the need to increase is valid and that it is not immediately increased to the maximum (60 seconds) just for fun.
Default value is 20 seconds, maximum value is 60 seconds, even if configured above that.
Keeping this value low protects system performance.

It is possible to increase the initial timeout setting when performing invoice search.
In such case, please raise a New Feature Enablement request
Business Service: Invoice
Mention the required feature to be enabled: InvoiceSearchTimeout and the value to which it should be increased to.


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