Checking Row Approval Rights in P2P Administration


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To access the Advanced User Rights​ page, you must have the user right "Manage advanced user rights". The right can be granted in P2P Administration, in System Users > Administrators > Administration tab.


To search for users who have row approval rights for specific dimensions:

  1. Open P2P Administration
  2. Go to Users > Advanced User Rights.
  3. In Administrative Site, select the organization for which you want to see the results. For example, if you want to check why an invoice has a particular recipient, select the invoice organization.
  4. In Filter Criteria, enter values in the dimension fields, and click Search. The users who have advanced user rights for the selected dimensions are listed in Advanced User Rights section.
    Note: To check the meaning of the dimension fields, refer to Solution Description Document (contact your admin user).
  5. Sort the search results by Priority index. The user having the lowest value in Priority index is selected first. Low value means high priority. If there are multiple records for the same user, the maximum limit amount will be used when approving an invoice line.

    Note: If there are multiple users with the same priority in the results, one of them will be selected randomly.

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Points to be considered when checking the approval limits and users:

Tips for searching by dimensions:

After completing the search, if you still find that the results do not match with the user that was selected on the invoice line, try canceling and resending the invoice.