Supplier Guide - New users in your organisation in Procserve

New users in your organisation

As long as your account has supplier administration access you can add additional users to your organisation.


How do I add a new user?

Login to commerce hub with your Basware account at the following address:

Once logged in, select Settings, followed by User Management:

This page will display all your current users details, their account status, date added and when they were last updated. Click the Add new user option:



You will then be prompted to input the new users details. At minimum you must add the users title, first and last name, email address (must be typed twice for confirmation) and what role they require (for example, basic supplier or supplier administrator).

You can also add a telephone and fax number.

Once you are happy with the details click the Add this user button at the bottom of the page to create the new user. Once this button is clicked, the user will get two emails, one with their username and another with a temporary password: