Travel & Expense Management 24.4 New Features


1 Introduction

This document contains descriptions of new features in Basware Travel & Expense 24.4 and its maintenance releases.

2 New Feature Descriptions

2.1 Common logic

2.1.1 Configurable template support for payment email

Module(s): Common logic
Feature ID: TEM-4281
Release: TEM 24.4
Feature Implementation: N/A

The common email template logic is now used on payment notification emails for travelers.

Support for current user data has been added in the template by replacing employee ID related key word with the user ID of the logged in user.

2.2 Web client

2.2.1 Creating advance request automatically in administration

Module(s): Web client
Feature ID: TEM-4290
Release: TEM 24.4
Feature Implementation: N/A

Travel advance is now created automatically when the document status is changed in the process administration to the configured status of advance use. Typically travel advance is created after review or approval, but now it is created also after changing the status in the process administration.

2.2.2 Process administration enhancements

Module(s): Web client
Feature ID: TEM-4219
Release: TEM 24.4
Feature Implementation: N/A

The Administration pages have been redesigned to be in line with the Basic data pages. Now it is possible to add more columns to the list, and to filter and sort the data. Charts and calculated custom columns, which are not part of document data, have been removed.







Depending on document status it is possible to add comment and change the status of the document. 



2.3 Edge

2.3.1 See all option for reviewer in TEM Edge client

Module(s): Edge
Feature ID: TEM-4259
Release: TEM 24.4
Feature Implementation: N/A

If the reviewer has the “See all” user right and they select Search from all documents, they will see all the documents at TEM Edge client, in the same way as in TEM WebClient. Also, if they select Search for documents for user, TEM Edge shows all the user’s documents.

The maximum number of documents that can be shown in the search results is 1,000.