Cloudscan 3.0: How to save badly recognized invoices in CloudScan

Summary: How to save badly recognized invoices in CloudScan?



While self-validating invoices in Cloudscan if you encounter any issue with data recognition use the below steps to save those invoice samples and share it with Basware support.


  1. In CloudScan "Validation" screen on the right side (invoice image area) there is an option to "save" the image to your local system.



  2. The image file is by default saved in TIF format (.tif) with a default naming convention "Basware CloudScan - <DateTime stamp>"


       Note: If you want to rename the image file while saving, make sure to add TIF file extension (.tif) in the end of the filename as shown below-


  3. When required invoice image examples are saved, the user can share them ( a zip file) with Basware support and get the data recognition issue checked.