Data capture feedback analysis process

Updated: July 19, 2023

The following article provides background into the data capture service quality feedback process, the applied improvements, and specific sub-processes for each analyzed root cause and improvement steps. 

What is the data capturing feedback process?

The data capture quality feedback process is intended for customers to help Basware improve the results of the Scan & Capture Service, SmartPDF, and PDF e-invoice services. Data capture is the common name for these services.

The customer collects feedback regularly and submits the feedback in a feedback form. This feedback form contains invoice information, the incorrectly captured fields, and expected field values. The feedback form is then sent to Basware for analysis.

Two different ways to report feedback:

Based on the reported fields from the customer, the feedback analysis team identifies the area where the most improvement can be achieved. The reported errors will be analyzed thoroughly to find the underlying root cause and possible actions to achieve long-term quality improvement.

The analysis results are a set of key focus areas for improvement. The Scan & Capture process consists of numerous steps between sending the paper invoice until it appears in the invoice processing system. In SmartPDF, the business document can be processed through various data-capturing engines. The improvement action can be identified anywhere in this process.

Each analyzed feedback form contains an owner for each identified improvement action. In addition, for errors where a follow-up is required, there will be a unique ServiceNow identifier for tracking the progress. The follow-up ticket (incident) will be opened under the same ServiceNow user who has reported the originating feedback. Reported errors where a follow-up is opened are outside of the data capture, so called non-capture errors. A follow-up will not be opened in case there are less than 5 documents, but a link to the specific Knowledge Base article is provided.

The below flow chart illustrates the basics of Feedback 2.2. process where the customer has P2P and SmartPDF in use. The same flow is applied to all Scan and Capture and SmartPDF customers. The feedback report can be sent automatically from the ERP, or it can be sent manually to Basware. For more information, please contact your CSM or Support.


Feedback process areas

The data capture service can be divided into two methods - automated capturing and human validation.

The following are the key processes:

Overall Quality Feedback Process Summary

This section provides a more detailed overview.

Below is the current version of the Scan and Capture Feedback Analysis Report, and it's used for human validated feedback (Scan and Capture or SmartPDF):

Here are definitions of the key aspects of the report:

 For comprehensive details about the different data capture services findings, please review the following articles: