Invoice Transactions for Billing


This document describes the process to get the transaction count that is used for billing purposes from your AP Automation system.


              Please make sure to follow these steps or the counts from the system will not be correct.

Time zone

Access rights to the system

URL accessing the system

please remove the tz=120& part.

Search result limit

 In this example, 1125 is the number of results per search.







Configure search parameters:  In AP Pro, go to Accounts Payable -> Search screen:         



  1. Make sure all filter check boxes are checked
  2. Enter start and end date, note you may have to do several searches as described in “Prerequisites”
  3. Press the “Advanced Search” button.


When the Advanced Search dialog shows, select all sources except “Imported from other system” as shown below and then click “Search” in the bottom right corner.


Search result

If you get a message in the upper left corner that only the first <X> results are displayed, as described in “Prerequisites”, the interval is to large and you need to shorten the date interval.

If you do not get a message that the search limit is exceeded, take note of the returned number of invoices from the top right corner, see below:

Unsupported image type.




Invoice transaction count.

If your search spans the full month, this is the volume for AP Automation invoice transactions.

If you are making multiple searches due to volume, complete all searches for a full month and add them together to get the monthly billing volume for AP Automation invoice transactions.


Please note: Invoices in “Personal Draft” status will not show in this search but are counted as transactions. There can therefore be a small difference between your result and the invoice transaction count.




Appendix 1 Setting Time zone in Windows 7


  1. Either start the control panel or
    Click the Clock in your Windows 7 system tray and then “Select Change date and time settings”.
  2. Click “Change date and time.”
  3. Click “Change time zone”
  4. Select “(UTC) Coordinated Universal Time”