P2P Purchase - How to - On Behalf


This instruction describes how users of Basware P2P Purchase can create requisitions on behalf of other users. To do so, the creator of the requisition changes the owner of the requisition. The newly selected owner will also be the default goods receiver for the requisition.


Prerequisite: To create requisitions for other users, the creator must have the user right Create purchase requisition for other users. This right is assigned via user roles in Basware P2P Administration.

To create a requisition on behalf of another user:

  1. Order items as usual via Marketplace, external webshops, or free text forms.
  2. Depending on your system configuration, you can change the owner in one of two places:
    1. If you see the Summary page after checking out items from Marketplace, open the Handlers section and select the new requisition owner in the Owner field.
    2. If you see the Your requisition page after adding items to your requisition, click the More actions menu > Change owner.
  3. To send the purchase requisition to process, click Get approval.

Before sending the purchase requisition to process, only you (the creator) can see the document. When the purchase requisition is in approval, the owner can also see the document by searching in the Documents tab.

When the purchase order has been processed and ordered the on behalf target user will receive a goods receipt task from the order.


Additional information:

On standard Purchase Order PDFs, the Creator is the user who has created the order and Owner is the user who has been selected from "Change owner" functionality. 

The cost center for the order lines comes from the owner's organization data. This can be affected by the advanced user right settings.