Uploading Images via a FTP in Product Manager

To upload a large number of media files, you can use the FTP media upload feature. This is a quick and easy method of getting your media files from your local machine into the media directory..

This guide will take you through the steps on how to load images into Product Manager by using an FTP server. This will enhance the look of your content and give the buyer a better shopping experience.

What you will need before you start

  1. Images - All images you wish to upload and sync to your items (Supported file formats – JPEG)
  2. FTP Server Client
  3. Association Guide - Please click here to download the association guide.

Step 1

If you do not have an FTP client you will need to download one. NOTE: Basware does not provide support on the FTP client.


Step 2

To create a connection with the server, simply enter the relevant host details below:



Port Number: 22


Then simply enter your Basware username and password that you use to access the system. NOTE: You need to have the supplier administrator role in order to do this


Step 3

Once you have a successful connection, you can start selecting your image files by using the directory tree to navigate through your local machine.


Once you have selected your images, these will transfer over onto the server. NOTE: This may take some time depending on connection speeds etc.


Hints & Tips:

• 36,000 images can be loaded if your image files are 2mb each 
• Supported file format is JPEG 
• All other file types will be rejected 
• Your images will be stored on the server for a maximum of seven days, once this period elapses your images will be removed off the server