Edge - Create Travel Claims for TEM


How to create a Travel claim for TEM in Edge. After you have taken your trip, create a travel claim to record your expenses and, if needed, request reimbursement.


To create a travel claim:

  1. Click Add new receipt to start adding images of your receipts. 
  2. Select an image or take a new one with the mobile device’s camera.
  3. Give a description for the receipt, add the expense data, and then click Save as unused attachment
  4. Click Create document, select Travel claim, and click Create.

  5. Give all the necessary data in Header data.
  6. In the Attachments panel, click  > Select attachments to select the receipt that you just uploaded.
  7. In the Expenses panel, click  > Select purchases to select card transactions.
  8. If you have used a car, enter the vehicle usages in the Vehicle usages panel.
  9. When you have entered all the necessary information, click Send to send the travel claim for review and approval.