Invoice sent to a a non existing e-mail address

Scenario 1

If a Sender of PDF e-invoice which has the option “Automatically register buyers for Email Receiving” enabled to their account on the Basware Portal, sends an invoice to a new and correct email address (new Receiver), then the Basware Portal sees this as new Receiver and auto-creates and Account on the portal for the new Receiver. The new Receiver will get with the email having the first invoice an invite to activate their account on the Basware Portal.

Scenario 2

If an incorrect new address is used, the email addresses setup for receiving notifications on the Sender’s side in the Basware Portal will receive email informing them of failed delivery due to incorrect address.

To setup such contacts for receiving notifications the Sender must go to their Account on the Basware Portal:

  1. View Applications
  2. Click on the Active Application (green check in the corner)
  3. View Details
  4. Notifications.

One or more users can be activated to receive such notification however it is mandatory for the users to be selected and not only created.

To know if an user is selected, you can look if their name is marked with blue borders. In the image below, 2 users are created but none are selected for notifications.