Maximizing E-Invoice Efficiency: A Guide for Basware Receving Customers


This guide aims to provide detailed instructions for Basware customers seeking to receive more e-invoices from their suppliers. It emphasizes the advantages of adopting electronic invoicing and outlines specific steps for effective communication with suppliers, whether they are already on Peppol or using other operators in XML format. 

Instructions for the receiving companies: 

1. Start the discussion with your suppliers, highlighting the various advantages linked to embracing electronic invoicing. Emphasize that taking this proactive step is intended to boost the speed and precision of the invoicing process, fostering mutual benefits for both parties involved. Motivate your suppliers to make an informed choice by selecting the most suitable pathway from the options listed below.

2. Simplify the process by sending your suppliers detailed instructions exactly as specified below:

Supplier sending E-Invoices via PEPPOL

           If your organization is already an e-invoice sender in PEPPOL, you can leverage the PEPPOL network for sending invoices to us. Please follow the guidelines provided here.

           Key steps include:

Supplier connecting with Basware Network via a different Operator

          If you are already using an e-invoicing service provider, refer to the attachment: “Connect with your service provider.”

          Key steps include:

3. If you will receive invoices from your suppliers through Peppol access point, it is essential to validate that your own e-invoice address is registered with Peppol as a receiver. This validation process can be completed at

4. Suppliers who are not utilizing an operator are encouraged to reach out directly to Basware to validate the feasibility of establishing a custom connection tailored to their specific needs. 

5. If you, as a customer, provide a sending service to your suppliers, they can utilize the following options: Invoice Key-in, PDF e-Invoice for Receiving, PDF e-Invoice for Sending.

Your proactive engagement in guiding suppliers through these advanced electronic invoicing alternatives guarantees a streamlined and optimized experience for all stakeholders. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to Basware Support.