Buyer Guide - Creating and Editing a List within a View in Product Manager

 Organisation lists

The Organisation Lists feature allows you to create organisation shopping lists containing specific items, thus tailoring to your shoppers’ specific needs, allowing for greater flexibility.

If for example, as a buyer admin you would like to make the ordering process more efficient, you can create specific organisation lists with items meeting the needs of your buyers. Your buyer can then select the appropriate item from your organisation list instead of sifting through hundreds of items in their catalogue.

Finding Your Lists

  1. In Product Manager click the Views menu option, and the name of the view to which you want to add a list.
  2. Select the Lists option. The List Directory (below) will load.

  1. By default, the page shows All lists. If you have created lists, but not yet made them available to your users, you will need to click the All or ‘Not available to users’ filter to view them.
  2. If you have many lists, you can search, filter and sort within the directory.

Create a List

  1. Lists are comprised of two elements, users and content. Before creating a list make sure you have added at least one agreement, some users, and the view has been published.
  2. In the Views section of Product Manager select the view to which you want to add a list.
  3. On the Manage View page (below), click the   button next to the Lists section.
  1. On the List Directory click the Create button.

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  1. In the Create List form add a list name and a short description and click ‘Save’.

Note: The list name will be shown in the Marketplace, so make it meaningful to your buyers