Basware PDF e-Invoice for Receiving

Basware PDF e-Invoice (formerly known as email lite)

Where can I find a user manual about Basware PDF e-Invoice?

Please click on this link.

How can I start using this service?

Please use the registration link provided by your customer and register to the service. You can find more guidelines here .

Can I check that the invoices arrived at the receiver?

You will receive an email for each invoice after it is delivered. The Basware service will take some time. Please do not resend an invoice while waiting for confirmation.

How can I check the status of my invoices?

Detailed steps are explained in the user guide in chapter 3.4 View invoice statuses. Please click on this link.

Can I send to other receivers?

The Basware PDF e-Invoice service is only available for e-invoice receivers sponsoring this service for their suppliers. You can find a list of receivers by clicking the "customers" button on the bottom of the Basware Portal. Please note that this link only works for users/organizations that have an active Basware PDF e-Invoice service. If you have not registered yet, click here.

How do I add another email address for sending?

If you want to change your registration data (main contact or additional email addresses), please go to the Basware Portal and login. Please note that this link only works for users/organizations that have an active Basware PDF e-Invoice service.

Go to the tab Services and click on the box named PDF e-Invoice. Click on View details. Next, go to section I send invoices from and click on Add an email address in order to proceed with adding another email from which you will send invoices to your customer.

If you have not registered yet, click here.

How do I check if the PDF is machine-readable?

Because the invoices are read electronically, the content of each invoice must be in machine-readable text format. To check this: Open the PDF and try to select the text of the invoice using your mouse. If this is not possible, it is an "image" and cannot be used; please change the settings of your PDF printer. If you can select the text, copy and paste it to a word processing program and read the text here – you are good to go. If the copied text consists only of strange characters, please change the font used in the invoice and create the PDF again. Please follow the attached guide for more instructions on how to make sure that your PDF file is machine-readable.

How does the Basware PDF e-Invoice service work?

The email with the PDF invoice will be sent to an email server of Basware. The sender’s addresses will be checked first. If the address is not listed, the email will be rejected. When the address is checked successfully, the email is sent to the Basware service center, where the recipient address is checked; you will be notified if it is not valid. The next step is the extraction of the data from your invoice, which is checked to ensure it meets legal requirements; you will be notified if there are any problems with the content. A structured data file containing the content of the invoice is created and sent to the receiver, together with the PDF document. The structured file can be processed automatically by the receiver’s financial system.

I have received emails for Basware with reject notifications. Why is this, and what do I do?

The receivers want Basware to check if the legal requirements of the invoices are met. Basware is asked to reject invoices that do not contain the required fields. The benefit for you is speedy notification of the problem, which allows you to change the invoice and send it again.

What do I do if my receiver tells me the invoices did not arrive?

Two things may have happened:

The email did not reach the Basware mail server. This could happen if it was sent to a wrong receiver. Please check carefully that you used the email addresses listed on the registration website. It is also possible that the email did not leave your outbox; please check if the mail can be found in the sent items folder.
The invoice was sent from an email addresses not listed during the registration process. Check your registration data. Invoices sent from other email addresses will be rejected.