Supplier Guide - Unlinked invoices In Supplier Portal

Unlinked Invoices

Unlinked invoices allows suppliers to create and send invoices to buyers without first receiving an order, as long as both organisations have the functionality enabled.

How to create an unlinked invoice

Login to commerce hub with your Basware account at the following address:

Once logged in select the supplier portal tab from the dashboard, at the top of the screen:

To turn on Unlinked Invoices for your organisation select Admin, then Company Admin.

Then select General on the left

This will display your organisations ‘General Configuration’ on the right. Scroll down until you see the Unlinked Invoices option and click the tick box next to it

Ensure you click the save icon at the top of this page to enable this change.

You are now ready to send an Unlinked Invoice (assuming the buyer also has them enabled). From the supplier portal select Documents:


From the documents page select Tree and from the list presented click in the name of the buying organisation you wish to send an unlinked invoice to.



A summary of the buying organisation will then be displayed on the right. If the buyer is also set up for unlinked invoicing you will see a drop-down menu. From the drop-down menu select Create Invoice and click the green arrow button:

You will now be able to save and create an invoice, the key difference being when you add a line it will require you to fill out the details manually, rather than adding a line based on an order.

You can also track invoices you have sent this way, and saved invoices not yet sent, under the buyers name by clicking the cross next to the Invoices folder and selecting the appropriate folder: