Scanner related problems

General guide when there is no connection to the scanner.

For Basware Customer Support to help you with your CloudScan, please provide and follow the below details when contacting the support.

1. What is the model of the scanner?
2. We ask you to upgrade Twain drivers to the latest version from the scanner manufacturer's website.
Installing device drivers might require Admin rights on a workstation
3. Restarting the workstation is usually needed after installing the device's drivers.
4. Login to CloudScan and go to the Settings dialog ("Scanner Settings")
5. Check that scanner is visible on the list:

  • If there are multiple scanners, ensure the right scanner model is selected.
  • Don't select "Kofax VRS" if that is visible on the list. Select the actual scanner.

If this does not work, we ask you to re-installing CloudScan. However, scanner-related issues are usually between the scanner and the computer (drivers).