PM – Unable to create Purchase Order, especially after turn of the year

What is the issue?

Orders can not be created in PM Client because of the following error message:

Error message:  Message from webpage: Unable to generate purchase order document OR Error creating order file: Could not find a part of the path.

Check this:

Open BWPMOrder.log and log entry should contain something like this:
| Error | clsGenerateOrder:GenerateOrderDocument:ExternalModuleError:Error in BWPMOrder.CreatePDFOrderFile: Could not find a part of the path.

This indicates that Attachment folder is missing.


If the problem occurs right after turn of the year, it's possible that the document folder for order files is missing for the current year. This problem is fixed in PM version 5.2.9.

You can fix the problem in the older versions by taking the following steps:

  1. See the path BWprograms\BWRoot\PM\PMDocs\ from PM Application server.
  2. If the current years sub folder is missing from PMDocs folder, create it.
  3. You need to also add folders for the months manually. See the example from the older folders in PMDocs.
  4. After folders have been created, this problem should now be solved.

Additional Information:

The purchase order document folders in PM are not created automatically. So make sure you have created folders for years ahead.