Example too old


While reviewing the reported quality feedback, we identified one or more documents that had been processed over 45 days ago.
The analytical data is stored for 45 days for all data capture service documents. Any document older than that can no longer be investigated as the analytical data is no longer available.


The business document reported for analysis was originally sent on March 20, 2020 to the data capture service. Quality feedback regarding the business document was reported to Basware for analysis on June 1, 2020. Amount of days between sending the business document and receiving the feedback is more than 45 days, which means the analytical data is no longer available.

Customer actions

As a good practice, please provide data capture feedback regularly to ensure analytical data is still available. We recommend you to submit data capture feedback on a monthly basis.

Basware actions

This error does not require any actions from Basware.

How can I ask questions or raise suggestions?

If there are any further inquiries related to the "Example too old" finding or if you have suggestions, we welcome your feedback. Please contact Basware Support by filing the following support case.

For a comprehensive summary of the renewed quality feedback process and the selected improvements that have been applied, please review the Data capture feedback analysis process.