AnyERP - Install a new license file


AnyERP 5.7 or newer requires a license file (BaswareanyERP.lic.xml). The license file is located in the Bin folder in the server.

Default Path: C:\Program Files\BasWare\anyERP Adapter\Bin.


The new license file is installed as follows. The license file has the extension LIC.XML

  1. License file needs to be placed in the BIN folder on the Application Server.
    Note: The Location may vary according to the application installation.
  2. Remove or rename the old license file in this location. (If renaming, be sure to change the file extension to something else than LIC.XML, like to .OLD) Do not delete the old license file until you have verified that the new license file works fine.
  3. Restart the Basware AnyERP Adapter service on the server.