Supplier Guide - Creating an Invoice In Supplier Portal

Creating an Invoice


Login to commerce hub with your Basware account at the following address:

Once logged in select the supplier portal tab from the dashboard, at the top of the screen:


From the supplier portal select Documents on the top right


You can then select Document list and adjust the 3 drop down menus to view your orders, the status of the order and a date range. If you know the order number you can also select Search to search for your order.

Select the order you wish to raise an Invoice against by clicking the order number. The Order should now be highlighted in yellow. On the right-hand side of the page a summary of the Order will be displayed along with an option to create an Invoice. The summary will also display if the order has been invoiced already.



Click the green arrow next to Create Invoice to begin creating a new Invoice

Before you can edit any details and add lines to the invoice, you must first save it by clicking the disc icon on the right-hand side of the page. This will then automatically generate an Invoice number, unless your organisation is set to manually enter the invoice number, in which case you will need to enter this number before saving as per the below screenshot:



To add a line to the invoice click the green plus symbol next to the line, or click the double green plus symbol to add all lines from the order to the invoice:



To add additional non order line items such as shipping, select one of the three options above the Invoice lines and click the green add button:


You will need to manually input this lines details, once done click the blue save icon at the end of the line to finalise your changes. You can also click the blue arrow to cancel.


Lines added to an invoice can be removed by clicking the red cross next to them. They can also be edited by clicking the pencil symbol, allowing you to amend the details, quantity, price and VAT settings.


Once you have finished editing the line you can click the save icon to finalise the change, or the blue arrow to cancel (as above).


Once you have added and amended the appropriate lines you can send your invoice. At the top right of the invoice click the send document button to send the invoice to the buyer:

Adjacent to this you can also click the red cross to delete the invoice, the printer icon to view a printable version of the document and the green back arrow to return you to the document list and summary (any changes made so far will be saved).